How do I get started?

The first decision is the memorial style you would like. It is good to start by knowing the regulations of the cemetery and where the monument will be placed. Once you know the restrictions, if any, you can choose the monument that best suits your need. We can assist by letting you know what your options are and the type of memorials a particular cemetery in our area allows. There are individual and companion memorials that can be customized. Visit us, and let our staff help you in the decision making process. 

Can I supply my own artwork?

Yes! If you have a photograph or artwork that you would like placed on your monument, our artists will replicate the design and ensure the design and artwork are suitable for etching on granite. Etchings are only available on black granite. There is an art fee that is applied and the cost depends on the size of the monument.

How long does it take for a monument to be made?

This depends on the stone size, shape and color. The standard monuments will take approximately 12 weeks from day of purchase to complete the monument. If it is a custom monument or one that we do not commonly keep in stock it will take approximately 20 weeks from day of purchase.

Update as of December 2022: Since the pandemic hit, granite has been very hard to get for all monument companies across the country. Because of this, our timeframe has extended to 20-24 weeks for standard monuments and 32-36 weeks for custom monuments. It is our hope that this doesn't last forever. However, it does seem to be the case for the foreseeable future. 

How long will my monument last? 

We use the finest granites from all over the world. Each monument is extremely durable and with proper cleaning can look new even after decades in the cemetery.

How does the size affect the price?

As in most items you purchase, the size of the memorial is an important factor. Typically the larger the memorial the more it will cost. The color of the monument can effect the price as well. Our gray granite is the least expensive while the blacks, browns, reds, blues and all other colors are normally at least double in price of what a gray monument would be.

What all is included in the price of a monument?

The price of any monument you are interested in includes all design work (excluding etchings) and lettering on the front of the monument. The delivery and set up of the monument in a cemetery is included, as well. Miscellaneous items can be added for a fee. These include lettering on the back of the monument, vases, and porcelain pictures. Future engraving on the monument is not included in the original price. This means future death dates that must be completed after the monument is in the cemetery are not included in the price of the monument at time of purchase. 

Is there a difference in the different types of granite?

There are differences in quality. Some granites absorb moisture and will darken in areas, while other granites can have deposits of iron ore, which can oxidize on the surface and cause unsightly spots over time. Other granites are large grained and not suitable for memorialization as the engraving does not present itself well. Pontotoc Monument offers only quality granites. 

Can I see the lettering and design before monument is made? 

There are many types of designs and letters which are standard and are included in the price of a memorial. To be sure your memorial is exactly the way you want it to be, Pontotoc Monument provides a scaled drawing for approval by the customer of every memorial after purchase.